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Our Staff

  • Christine
    Office Manager / Insurance Billing

    'I received my degree in teaching in 1989 and taught in grade schools.  Dr. Killian has helped my family and me in so many ways! He has helped me overcome the pain, fatigue and dizziness from Fibromyalgia and the pain from Scoliosis. Chiropractic and massage reduces my stress, keeps my immune system strong and I am still able to work out and exercise.  My whole family gets adjusted and it has helped them with allergies and asthma, A.D.H.D., preventing colds, infections and the flu, all of the falls and strains of sports and herniated discs.  My favorite part of working here is seeing firsthand how chiropractic changes people’s lives when interference is removed and the body is able to heal itself.'

  • Megan
    Chiropractic Assistant / Receptionist

    I have been abundantly blessed to be coming to Cornerstone  ever since I was a very young child, and I have always had  wonderful experiences. Health and feeling great is always  something that has been important to me – and for good  reason! As I went through high school, chiropractic and  massage were assets in improving and maintaining my  lifestyle in several sports, especially running. It helped me to  prevent injuries before they happened, and kept my energy  levels high as I continued to excel in sports. I am so thankful  for the people involved and their dedication to the practice,  and I would love to give the same warmth, friendliness, and support to everyone who enters looking for healing.  

  • Jess
    Chiropractic Assistant /Special Project Manager

    Cornerstone Chiropractic has been a part of my life since 2003 when I originally started working for Dr. Killian. In the past, I suffered from debilitating migraines. Because of chiropractic, I have not had a migraine in over 10 years! I was blessed to receive chiropractic care through all three of my pregnancies which made pregnancy and birth much easier! Knowing the value of chiropractic, my children have also received care from Dr. Killian since birth. I rejoined the Cornerstone team in December of 2017 because I absolutely love our staff and patients! I love being able to watch our patients being truly healed from the inside out!

  • Lydia
    Chiropractic Assistant / Receptionist

    I began coming to Cornerstone Chiropractic in 2011 when I started running on a cross country team. While working as a caregiver, I have continued to benefit as being consistently adjusted has helped to prevent serious lower back injuries. 

    I can attest to the potential chiropractic care has to greatly improve a person's quality of life and look forward to seeing countless lives touched. 

  • Sarah
    Chiropractic Assistant / Receptionist

    'In the past I have struggled with multiple health issues some of which include tendonitis, fatigue, and several food intolerances as well as frequent headaches and migraines. Since I became a patient of Dr. Killian’s my health issues have been noticeably improved. My energy levels are higher, my tension is greatly diminished, and my immune system has been greatly strengthened! One of the greatest blessings of working here is being able to see how patients can be healed through chiropractic care, often with massage therapy to complement it. I love to watch people leave with smiles on their faces because of the healing experienced in our office. Other than learning how consistent chiropractic care improves the body as a whole, I have also learned a new perspective on wellness of life!'


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